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How to install carpet tiles - Carpet Remnants

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What are Carpet Tiles and How Can I Use Them - Carpet Remnants

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When is DIY carpet binding needed?

When is DIY carpet binding needed?

There are a number of circumstances where carpet binding is the best repair choice…
Turn leftover carpet remnants from a wall-to-wall installation into custom area rugs to protect your new carpet in high-wear areas, such as in front of couches, down halls or even under your dog or cat bed. In fact, ANY carpet with raw edges can be fabricated with any binding application you choose. Carpet remnants can make great mats around the home, garage or basement.
Repair or resize area rugs you already own that have minor damage or frayed edges to look like new again, simply by rebinding the exterior edges! Or make a large area rug you love into smaller rugs.
Have a favorite large area rug that has a permanent stain? Trim off the stain and have the edge rebound, or divide the unstained sections into smaller rugs.
Attach existing rugs of different sizes and shapes, then add a new binding for a simple and cheaper alternative to buying a brand new carpet.
If you are Using these for an outdoor setting or for a work shop you can use a blow torch!  Tutorial found in this youtube video here. This is not a quality finish and would only use in a garage basement or industrial setting.
These are the basic steps used to bind carpet remnants:
Cut the piece to be bound square or into the desired shape. If the binding is being done to repair an existing carpet, trimming will need to be done so the carpet edge is smooth and straight.
Determine whether the carpet requires power beveling. Power beveling tapers the edge of the carpet prior to applying the binding so there is a smooth transition to the relatively thin binding. Thick carpets always require power beveling. Low grade commercial carpet does not.
Choose the style of binding to be applied. Low-end goods typically have a polyester binding, high-end goods may have cotton, serging or sisal/wide border binding. The choice will be determined first by the type of carpet (since all types of bind can’t be applied to all carpets) and secondly the aesthetic effect you wish to achieve… from simple to audacious!
Apply desired binding style using the appropriate materials and tools.
Stabilize the corners to prevent unraveling.  Use hot glue for each tab. Some carpet binders prefer to use staples instead of hot glue. Staples are quicker to install, but hot glue is less likely to loosen or cause problems later, especially if the carpet is exposed to moisture, such as with entry rugs, which can cause the staples to rust and discolor the carpet or even scratch the floor!
If you live in North GA or the Chattanooga area we can bind your carpet for you. We are building a list of local carpet binding companies, you can find them here. If we do not have a local company near you then we recommend calling a local carpet company and asking if they bind carpet or could recommend someone  Or googling Carpet Binding Near Me .
This will save you money if you have a large or expensive carpet remnant, where a mistake could be costly! Now if you are planing to make several smaller rugs maybe a DIY would be a more cost effective solution.

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Homemade Present Ideas for Men and Women: DIY Craft Gift Tutorials

If you bake, love crafts or are in any way practical, homemade gifts are a great option for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's day and other festivities—not only because people will appreciate the extra effort you've made, but because it's fun to make the gifts and it can usually save you money too.
On this page I've compiled lists of the best and most unusual how-tos and ideas for making your own gifts, from edible items to wall art, coasters and much more. The tutorials cover a range of prices and recipients, from fathers to friends and co-workers.
I hope you find the ideas helpful!

Christmas Chutney

Why Make Your Own Presents?

Apart from the practicality of actually saving yourself some money (usually), the best thing about giving and receiving home made gifts is the thoughtfulness behind the idea and the obvious time and effort spent on it, plus the fact that it is unique and personal.

A lot of people seem to think of DIY gifts as cheap, naff, or things that only kids make, like macaroni necklaces, but please take a look at the amazing things on this page and you will completely change your mind! You won't believe what you can make with basic materials.

If you are crafty or you can sew, then the world is pretty much your oyster with regards to what you could make, and bakers or cooks have a huge array of treats and goodies to choose from too. If you're neither craft-minded nor a fan of cooking, then don't despair; most ideas on this page come complete with step-by-step tutorials which guide even total beginners to victory! If you don't have time for making something from scratch, then embellishing or personalizing store-bought products is a great idea too, whether it's with personal photos in a photo album, a journal with added decoration by you, or even fun gift wrapping. OR perhaps you could buy multiple gifts with the same theme (e.g. golf, movie night, chocolate, puzzles, spa day) and make up a surprise gift box!

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